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56 days, 5,300+ petitions!!


I can’t tell you how proud, humbled and grateful I am to announce we have officially achieved our goal of qualifying for re-election by petition.


To every volunteer, every petition signer, every supporter, business owner or organization who hosted a meet and greet or petition drive, THANK YOU!


Whether you turned in 1, 2, or 200 signatures, you are part of the team that got us across the finish line.


I’m proud to qualify by petition because it means my campaign represents the will of the people.


But it took a ton of hard work and a lot of evenings and weekends from so many of you who believe in me and my team.


Again, THANK YOU, God bless you all and may God bless Volusia County as we keep forging ahead into the future!

Michael Chitwood Petition Certification 8-18-23.jpg
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