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After 17 years in this community I am PROUD to have the support of so many leaders across Volusia County.
Thank you State Attorney RJ Larizza, Sen. Tom Wright, Rep. Chase Tramont, County Council members Jake Johansson, Matt Reinhart, Danny Robins, Troy Kent, and David Santiago, business leader Randy Dye, Ormond Beach City Commissioner Susan Persis, the Volusia County Deputies Association, Local 6035 and The Volusia County Professional Firefighters Association for providing just a few of the early endorsements of our re-election campaign!
More to come, and I have so many more of you to meet at events all across this great county. Again, THANK YOU for all your support and encouragement as we charge ahead into the future!

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Campaign Endorse_SusanPersis.png
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SheriffChitwood IAFF Endorsement.jpg
Campaign Endorse_Depew.jpg
Campaign Endorse_Bennington.jpg
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